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Resistive Industrial Touchscreen Monitors
5-Wire Resistive Touchscreen Monitors

Caltron's Open Frame Touchscreen Monitor solutions are built for longevity. Often the gateway component to an application, we use industrial strength touch components from leading manufacturers to ensure robustness and quality.

PCAP Industrial Touchscreen Monitors
Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors

For applications that require an industrial grade projected capacitive touch monitor that is equipped to handle harsh environments, then a Caltron projected capacitive touch screen monitor will be a viable solution.

Caltron provides customers with options of Resistive and Projected Capacitive(PCap) touch technologies, available in sizes ranging from 6.5 inches to 32 inches for control panels, signage, medical displays, and more. Our touch screen monitors come in various formats, including the newly introduced IP-65 industrial, high bright, and LED backlit touchscreen monitors. Additionally, we offer consistent touchscreen enclosure designs by customizing LCD panel brackets to fit new generations of LCD panels without the need to change your end application.

Get to Know Your Touch Technology: Resistive and Projected Capacitive Compared

For sizes 6.5 inches to 32 inches, there are two great choices for touch screen monitors: Resistive and Projected Capacitive (PCAP). Resistive touch screens are cost-effective and durable for everyday use, making them suitable for industrial applications or control panels. On the other hand, PCAP touch screens are more durable and can handle more abuse, making them suitable for areas prone to vandalism or high-traffic environments like ATM machines, photo booths, or hospitals. Choose the right touch screen monitor for your project needs.