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View Caltron LCD Touchscreen Displays by Technology

Caltron offers Resistive, Projected Capacitive(PCap) and Surface Acoustic Wave(SAW) touch technologies so that our customers can have more options when designing our monitors into their application. Please contact Caltron today for the right interactive display solution.

Resistive Industrial Touchscreen Monitors
5-Wire Resistive Touchscreen Monitors

Caltron's Open Frame Touchscreen Monitor solutions are built for longevity. Often the gateway component to an application, we use industrial strength touch components from leading manufacturers to ensure robustness and quality.

PCAP Industrial Touchscreen Monitors
Projected Capacitive Touchscreen Monitors

For applications that require an industrial grade projected capacitive touch monitor that is equipped to handle harsh environments, then a Caltron projected capacitive touch screen monitor will be a viable solution.

SAW Industrial Touchscreen Monitors
Surface Acoustic Wave Touchscreen Monitors

Ranging from 6 Inch to 24 Inch. For those that need the robustness of Surface Acoustic Wave touch screens, Caltron's SAW open frame touch screen lineup can be the perfect solution to your application.

Sizes range from 6.5 inch for applications that include control panels or keypads to 24" wide screen monitors for signage information displays. Our LED touch screen monitor size range starts from 6.5 inch to 19 inch, perfect for a wide variety of applications that include medical and pharmaceutical displays to industrial and information displays. We offer various different touch screen monitor formats to help anyone who needs a touch screen monitor for their application. Newly introduced IP-65 industrial, high bright and LED backlit touchscreen monitors in very popular sizes round out our touchscreen monitor lineup.

One of our principal features is to keep a consistent touchscreen enclosure design so that you never have to change your end application. We do this by customizing our LCD panel brackets so when a new generation of LCD panels are introduced, we ensure that the bracket will fit correctly and in the same area.

Options of Resistive, Projected Capacitive, and Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Technologies

When deciding on what type of touch screen monitor to get for a project, there are 2 great choices for sizes 6.5 inch to 24 inch. Resistive touch panel options range from size 6.5 inch to 22 inch wide. Surface acoustic wave touch panels range from 6.5 inch up to 24 inch wide.

Resistive touch screen monitors are most commonly used in industrial applications or in areas where there would be minimal vandalism problems. It is cost effective and durable for everyday use. Resistive touch screen monitors can be fitted into almost any application. A few examples would be POS machine, control panels or industrial equipment.

When considering an application where there can be lots of visitors every day or in an area that can be prone to vandalism a surface acoustic wave(SAW) touchscreen monitor might be a better solution to consider as the pure substrate touch panel is more durable and can handle more abuse. A few examples of where a SAW touch screen monitor might be used is an ATM machine Kiosk, photo booth or hospital environment.