high bright LCD resistive open frame touch screen monitor

Widescreen High Bright LCD Resistive Touch Screen Monitors

12 inch resistive sunlight readable open frame touch screen monitor

12.1 inch resistive high bright touchscreen monitor

HWT-121OR 12" resistive high bright USB touch screen monitor


  • Stable, Reliable and Long-history Proof
  • Vulnerable to Harsh Environment
  • A Cost-Effective Touchscreen Technology
  • Commonly used in the industrial Applications


Caltron ultra bright wide aspect ratio LCD open frame touch screen monitor display sizes ranging from 12 to 24 inch use durable 5-wire resistive touchscreen technology perfect for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications operated under strong ambient light.

All components are comprised of top grade quality to ensure that the unit holds up in rugged environments and is able to function with 24/7 use. For integrator need a quick drop-in solution to shorten product development or reduce the future maintenance cost, the Caltron resistive touchscreen monitor is the perfect fits.

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