Caltron RMA Returns Guideline

Caltron Industries, Inc. will require our customers to employ the following guidelines when returning goods to Caltron. This will enable our Customer Support to process your RMA order efficiently in a timely manner.

Box and pack items in such a way to prevent damage during transportation. An RMA number must be issued before returning any items to Caltron. This number can be obtained after returned the RMA Request Form by. To get RMA Request Form, please to contact Caltron RMA Department at (phone) 510-440-1800 or e-mail for acquiring the RMA form, or download the RMA Request Form (DOC, 56 KB).

A packing slip referencing the Caltron RMA #, part number, and quantity is required on all returned goods. We will not be able to effectively process your RMAs without this information, which may result in delays in returning your RMAs.

Upon receipt, all items will be returned within 7 working days. This does not include ship time to customer or delays caused by part shortages. If you require expedited service, please notify the Caltron Customer Support. For DOA replacement, Caltron will replace the unit back to the customer the same day we received via ground service.

Returned or Canceled Orders

Products must be returned within 30 days of purchase date and a 15% re-stocking fee will be deducted from the refund.

Warranty Repairs

All Caltron products are covered by our one-year parts & labor warranty. Shipping charges for items returned will be the customer's responsibility. Caltron will be responsible for all labor cost, parts, and shipping cost back to the customer via ground service.

Out of Warranty Repairs

Items will be returned at customers expenses. The repair charge for all items deemed repairable will be at $55.00 labor plus parts, freight back to the customer. For any items deemed unrepairable, the customer will be notified by a Caltron representative. All repairs/cost must be authorized by the customer.


Neither this Agreement nor any release hereunder is subject to cancellation by Buyer except upon (a) written request of Buyer, (b) written approval of Seller, and (c) the payment to Seller of a fair and equitable cancellation charge. Because Seller’s expenses related to canceling firm orders are dependent upon (i) Seller’s inventory carrying costs, (ii) the likelihood of Seller quickly selling the subject Products to other buyers, (iii) Seller’s other related out-of-pocket costs, and (iv) administrative costs, the amount of cancellation charge Buyer shall pay to Seller will be determined solely by Seller.

Cancellation of Standard Products

If Seller determines the Product being canceled to be Standard Product, the amount of the cancellation charge will vary according to the (a) quantity being canceled, (b) time frame between Buyer’s request to Seller to cancel and the order’s scheduled ship date, and (c) dollar amount of order being canceled. The calculation of the exact cancellation charge will be governed by Seller’s published policies as amended from time to time at Seller’s discretion. In no case will be cancellation charge be less than twenty percent (20%) of the original agreed upon purchase price.

Cancellation of Custom Products

If Seller determines the Product being canceled to be Custom Product, Buyer agrees to pay Seller for all of Seller’s out of pocket costs associated with the cancellation of the order including, but not limited to: (i) raw materials, (ii) work in process, (iii) inventory carrying costs, (iv) scrapping and disposal fees, and (v) a reasonable and equitable profit for Seller, which shall not be less than twenty percent (20%) of such costs. In no case will the cancellation charge be less than Seller’s actual costs (including overhead and other indirect costs). The amount of cancellation charge to be charged to Buyer shall be determined at the sole discretion of Seller and may equal 100% of the amount of the order at the time of Seller’s receipt of Buyer’s request for cancellation. Buyer is entitled to receive a written notice from Seller setting forth how the cancellation charge was calculated. Upon payment of the cancellation charge, Buyer shall be entitled to receive all raw materials and work in process, and Seller agrees to ship such goods to Buyer at Buyer’s expense. Seller reserves the right, by written notice of default, to cancel any order, without liability to Buyer, in the event of the happening of any of the following: insolvency of Buyer, the filing of a voluntary petition in bankruptcy by Buyer, the filing of an involuntary petition to have Buyer declared bankrupt, the appointment of a receiver or trustee for Buyer, the execution by Buyer of an assignment for the benefit of creditors, the discontinuance of business by Buyer, or the sale by Buyer of the bulk of its assets other than in the usual course of business.


Buyer is permitted one reschedule opportunity with no charge. A reschedule cannot extend further than 30 days (unless specified, either more or less) from original ship date requested. Additional reschedules will be subject to a ten percent (10%) penalty based on total amount of the order or portion of the order rescheduled.

International RMA's

For international RMA's, all freight charges must be covered by the customer and any repair charges for out of warranty units, if applicable.