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Caltron’s Industrial Monitors also come in an LED Backlit Version

Caltron introduces the LBT-1704O, 17” LED Open Frame Monitor to the LED line of open frame monitors and touch screen monitors.

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) have changed the LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) Industry greatly and rapidly. Before LEDs, CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) were used and are actually still primarily used. In most cases, consumers do not feel the need of a better lit screen for the price trade off, but as time has progressed, LEDs have become much cheaper and more affordable. At first, LEDs were not thought of as a primary option, but there are quite a bit of advantages that come with an LED backlit monitor. Generally, LED backlit monitors provide a brighter screen allowing for images to be more crisp and clear while consuming less power than that of a typical CCFL backlit monitor.

With LEDs in backlights, LCD monitors were able to become more rugged and durable. Typically, most screens had a MTBF of about 20,000 hours, while LEDs had a typical MTBF of 50,000 hours. Since CCFLs contain mercury, it is also generally more difficult to control the monitors under applications with severe temperature

LBT-1704O animation video

LBT-1704O animation video


changes, while LEDs do not have that problem. LEDs were more mainstreamed towards televisions, but started to trend over to the industrial side because some applications do require a brighter and more efficient screen as well.

Not only have LED backlit display become more prominent in commercial applications, like TV’s and computer monitors, but they have also progressed towards industrial applications. Caltron has released the LBT-1704O, 17” 1280x1024 LED Open Frame Monitor for gaming industries, rated at 350 nits, to the line of LED Open Frame Monitors. Using and LED backlit monitor can be beneficial for open frame touch screen applications because most screen with a touch panel overlay usually loses about 10-20% brightness. Having a higher brightness open frame monitor can allow for the same crisp clear picture as a standard LCD monitor, even with a touch screen overlay.

The LBT-1704O has superior viewing angles and has a longer MTBF, compared to a standard LCD panel with a CCFL backlight. Many industrial applications typically use a 17” open frame monitor and there are many applications that also require an 17 in 4 by 3 aspect ratio open frame touch screen. Having a higher brightness panel can allow for easier use better image quality so there is minimal compromise on the brightness of the display.

Test an LBT-1704O unit today and for more information, please email us or call a Caltron sales representative at 510-440-1800.