Caltron Introduces the HBT-1042O, 10.4 Inch Open Frame High Bright LED Monitors

With Caltron’s rapidly growing line of industrial monitors and the quickly changing industry, there are constantly new demands for various industrial high bright touch screen monitors

Whether it is for the standard LCD monitor or the newer LED Backlit monitors to high bright monitors for indoor and outdoor use. Caltron strives to keep up with the demands of the industry and has just released the HBT-1042O, 10 Inch LCD Open Frame High Bright Monitor good for both indoor and outdoor applications. The operating temperature is greater than a typical Caltron LCD monitor allowing the high bright unit to withstand harsher environments and having a more diverse operating capability.

HBT-1042O, 10.4 Inch Open Frame High Bright LED Monitors



Just like all of Caltron’s other open frame monitors, the HBT-1042O has touch screen options and added input options available as well. The mechanical dimensions and shape of this unit are the same as our current FBT-1042O and LBT-1042O, so there can be an even exchange or swap, making the addition of the HBT-1042O into a pre-existing enclosure easier to do since no modifications will be needed.

Many outdoor environments require a higher brightness monitor so the display can be more attractive in the sun and this is where the HBT-1042O will come in handy. With its durable chassis and similar features of the original FBT series monitors that Caltron already offers, there is no need to worry about a mechanical change during the lifetime of the unit. High Bright monitors work very well in sunlight as long as there is a bit of shading provided or if it is not directly facing the sun as there can be hindrances from the extreme brightness of the sun.

The HBT-1042O is perfect for almost any industrial or commercial application, including CNC machines, Kiosks, gaming machines to industrial controls.

For more information about related 10" 4x3 aspect industrial drop-in touchscreen open frame displays, please email us or call a Caltron sales representative at 510-440-1800.