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Caltron Introduces the LBT-1904O, 19 Inch Open Frame LED Monitors

As the demand grows for more LED monitors and brighter screens, Caltron has kept up with the industrial trend and has just released the LBT-1904O, 19 Inch LED LCD Embedded Open Frame Computer Monitor. This 19 Inch Industrial Monitor comes with a brighter screen rated at 350 nits, compared to the standard LCD Monitor, rated at 250 nits.

While having a brighter screen and greater viewing angles, the LBT-1904O also uses less power to run the unit and in turn saves more energy throughout the lifetime of the monitor. Some applications require a large screen to be integrated into the enclosure or unit and this is where the LBT-1904O will be useful. The LBT-1904O is capable of handling harsher conditions and environments with a better temperature rating to improve the quality of the monitor. Like all of Caltron’s other Open Frame Monitors, the LBT-1904O has added touch screen options available.

There is either a resistive or surface acoustic wave touch option in available with either a serial or USB touch interface. Various additional options like, adding on a BNC


connector, s-video and composite or DVI options are also available. Having an LED Monitor has many advantages for integrators and industrial applications as the LED Monitors are built for rugged applications as are all of Caltron’s other open frame monitors. Caltron can usually accommodate most special requests if given enough lead times as well.

For more information about related 19" industrial liquid crystal rackmount open frame touchscreen displays, please email us or call a Caltron sales representative at 510-440-1800.

LBT-1904O, 19 Inch Open Frame LED Monitors