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How bright when considering a Caltron monitor?

Pending on the application and where the Open Frame Monitor or Touch Screen Monitor might be placed will determine on how bright of a monitor you will need to maximize the effectiveness of the screen’s potential capability. Most of Caltron’s monitors range from 200 nits(and known as cd/m2 or candlelight per meters squared) to 500 nits. This brightness is ideal for most indoor applications. Sometimes, certain locations can have higher ambient lighting requiring a brighter monitor. Caltron also offers LED Backlit Open Frame Monitors and LED Touchscreen Monitors with a nits range of 400 to 600. Some applications require an outdoor display which has bright surroundings and requires a monitor with a higher brightness panel. Caltron also offers High Bright Industrial Open Frame monitors with touch screen options if necessary. These monitors are good for applications that require a sunlight readable or daylight readable display. High Bright monitors usually start off at about 1000 nits and above. Caltron’s HBT-1212O, 12.1 Inch High Bright LED Open Frame Monitor, for example, is rated at 1500 nits.

How can I effectively create a solution to maximize my screen’s potential?

Sometimes when creating a display or placing a screen, using angles or some shading to prevent ambient lighting from overpowering the display. This can help to brighten up the screen’s display since there is reduced glare and ambient lighting. Generally, most screens indoors will not encounter this problem, but screens that are in direct sunlight can be greatly affected during certain times of the day when there can be direct sunlight on the screen. Most screens that can endure direct sunlight exposure will have to have at least a 20,000 nits brightness rating or higher.

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