The HWT-121O, for Easy Viewing in Bright Light

12-in sunlight readable industrial touchscreen monitor.

With a display that is easily viewed even in bright sunlight, the HWT-121O touchscreen monitor can be used in a wide variety of outdoor applications.

The outdoor display of the HWT-121O is comparable to that of a similar monitor under indoor lighting conditions. Caltron Industries achieves this outstanding display visibility by equipping the HWT-121O with:

• An LCD panel with a brightness of up to 1,000 nits, a measure of light intensity. Typical 12.1-inch indoor displays are around 250 nits.

Optical bonding, which is optional with the HWT-121O. The optical bonding process seals a treated glass pane to the display to cut down on reflected light, as well as block out dust and moisture, without increasing energy consumption.

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Optical Bonding Boosts Visibility of Touchscreen Monitors, Anywhere

Optical bonding is the process by which a thin pane of glass is sealed onto the display screen of a monitor. The glass is coated to be anti-reflective and fastened into place implementing one of several technologies, including the use of silicon adhesive.

The result is greatly increased display visibility under virtually all types of conditions, including outdoor applications that are exposed to the sun and other weather elements. Before optical bonding, monitor displays were often difficult to view due to reflected sunlight or ambient artificial light, accumulation of dust, or condensation.

Users were compelled to block the light in some manner or frequently wipe the display clean in order to be able to read the screen or conduct transactions.

No longer. With optical bonding, the displays on Caltron Industries’ touchscreen monitors are consistently easy to see. As the use of Human Machine Interface, or HMI, technology becomes more prevalent, customers will increasingly expect the clear, high-contrast computer graphic displays that optical bonding provides. 

Optical bonding provides an airtight seal between display and enclosure. With this gap eliminated, condensation and dust no longer obstruct the user’s view of the display.

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New Series of 21.5in Touchscreens Provide Options for Innovative Applications

The new line of LWT-215O 21.5 in touchscreen monitors from Caltron Industries enables application and equipment design engineers to meet the demands of a variety of interface requirements for large-screen applications.  Resistive and capacitive touch options have been integrated, offering great flexibility for different use applications.

With the different types of touch technology available, the LWT-215O series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including digital signage, gaming, entertainment, ATMs, kiosks, and the medical industry.

Choices include:

• The LWT-215OR features resistive touch, the most widespread touch technology today. Resistive touch is activated by a finger or an object such as a stylus.

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