What is an Industrial Touch Screen Monitor?

what is an industrial touchscreen monitor

Desktop monitors are consumer grade monitors that most of the world’s population uses as a display for their computer. An industrial touch screen monitor is basically a desktop monitor that is stripped down to the bare chassis and components with a touch glass overlay integrated to make it easier for Original Engineer Manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate the unit into a larger enclosure. For the most part, an Industrial Touch Screen Monitor is best known as an open frame touch screen monitor or an open frame monitor. The unit itself is a metal chassis that holds the internal components of the monitor, along with the LCD panel together with no housing or bezel. A key component that industrial touch screen monitors have is that all components are made of industrial grade materials and will typically last longer and be much more durable than that of consumer-grade products. With Caltron’s Industrial Touch Screen Monitors all mechanical dimensions of the unit will remain the same throughout the lifetime of the monitor. In most cases, industrial touch screen monitors have parts that are much easier to replace or repair, if there is a damaged component.

What are Industrial Touchscreen Monitor Applications?

Industrial touch screen monitors are suited for heavy-duty applications that are continuously being used, whether by workers or the public. A few good examples would be CNC machines for industrial applications. In this type of environment, industrial touch screen monitors are always being put to the test to endure harsh operating conditions, where the unit needs to last, otherwise the whole unit will not function. Another example of a harsh environment would be a Kiosk. Often, industrial grade touch screen monitors are integrated into a Kiosk to endure the constant approach of people who will put the Kiosk through lots of abuse. In general, an industrial touch screen monitor is primarily used to integrate into larger enclosures or machines to operate. Industrial touch screen monitors will most likely be used in applications that require a durable monitor that can last a long time and be put through a series of harsh operating conditions.

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