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What is an Open Frame Monitor?

what is an open frame monitor

Quite simply put, an Open Frame Monitor is a display that does not have an enclosure or bezel confining around the bare metal chassis where all the inner components are bolted to. The advantages of having this type of display in your application (whether it be kiosks, keypad or signage displays) is that you, the integrator, have the freedom to design a custom enclosure that suits your specifications and needs. Because of the direct drop-in design, settings that are pressed for space have the added flexibility of using the perimeter flange-mount points compared to a back-end VESA mount.

Can’t I just take apart a Desktop monitor and use the open frame monitor inside?

While it is certainly feasible to take apart a desktop monitor and just use the open frame monitor inside of it, we do not recommend it. Especially, if the application calls for a long life cycle. Desktop monitors are constantly going through upgrades and changes both to the internal components and especially the external housing assembly. Each new generation of monitors that are introduced could invariably be, in every aspect, different than its predecessor. For applications and products that are designed to accept only one type of open frame monitor. Our open frame monitors have maintained the same enclosure design since their inception. New generation LCD panels are tested and our engineers verify that the active area in relation to the open frame remains consistent with the original.

Why choose Caltron Open Frame Monitors?

We’ve been in the business of since 1997 and throughout the last decade, our open frame monitors have withstood the testing of thousands of applications and custom projects. Caltron open frame monitors have been used by Fortune 500 companies around the world> and Caltron has built a reputation for product durability, quality, and excellent service. We use top quality components to manufacture our boards and partner up with some of the most respected LCD panel vendors - bringing industrial quality parts to our customers at an affordable price.

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