What is the best way to clean my LCD Panel?

We have had quite a few customers contacting our support staff in regards to proper LCD Panel maintenance. Sometimes a damp cloth is used, but the end result produces a streak on the screen. What suggestions are available for cleaning the LCD Screen?

The most efficient way to clean an LCD Panel is….

Using a damp cloth like one that is similar to eyeglass cleaning cloth or a microfiber cloth should work very well. Please be sure that it is a lint-free cloth, as this helps to reduce streaks. At all costs, try to avoid using paper towels! If streaks remain present, then follow the damp cloth with a dry one to get rid of the streaks. Moistening the cloth with some water or commercial LCD panel cleaning solutions will work best. Most cleaning solutions are a 50/50 mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water, so you can mix this yourself to save some costs on buying a commercial grade cleaner. Always be sure to dampen the cloth and never spray or directly pour liquid onto the LCD Panel.

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