Why should I Change out my CRT and Replace it with an LCD Monitor?


Many industries are converting from CRT over the LCD panels as big CRT monitors are heading in the direction of becoming obsolete. Many new and old customers opt-in on using Caltron’s embedded open frame LCD monitors because they have additional features and options like component add-ons at a very cost-effective price or having a touch screen upgrade in case there is a need for a touch application in the future. LCD Monitors have greater viewing angles and better resolution quality to ensure crisp and clear displays all the time. Caltron’s monitors will have the same form and fit even if there are component revisions and updates. We like to ensure that our monitors remain the same throughout the life of the monitors so that integrators and industrial companies who decide to use Caltron’s monitors to replace their pre-existing monitors will not have to worry about redesigning any enclosures when there are part revisions.

Are LCD Monitors that much more Beneficial?

LCD’s generally have a longer lifespan than the typical CRT monitors and are much smaller, so when integrated into any system or application, there will be plenty of space to spare. With CRT’s becoming more obsolete as each day passes, many integrators and industries come to Caltron Industries to look for industrial grade Open Frame LCD Monitors to integrate into their solution. When there is a failure in an LCD monitor, usually it is isolated to a single component that can be easily repaired or replaced. In the long run, these simple part replacements can end up saving a lot of costs on potential repairs. The lightweight and size of Caltron’s Open Frame LCD Monitors make it easy for any application to replace out their old CRT monitors. LCD’s are the newest generation of monitors and are expected to stay around for quite some time.

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